Madhusudhan Shaligram

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Madusudhan Shaligram

Black and Yellow Mix Color , 3 opening Р6 circulars ,  with snake and Thread sign , yellow spots .

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Product Name : Madhusudhan Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Weight : 11 gm

Dimension : 1.10 inches * 1.10 inches

Lakshan Shaloka :

madhuvarNo bhaveddeva: ShaTcakreNa samanvita:| pItam goghrutavarNam ca nAgayagyopavItakam||

Meaning :

Shaligram having honey and yellow mixed color; snake and yagyopavita signs; 3 opening Р6 circulars  is known as Madhusudan Shaligram.

Lakshan Shaloka :

pIta gOghrutavarNashca nAgayagnOpavIta ka:| madhusUdana devOyam bhuktim muktim prayacchati|

Meaning :

Shaligram having yellow like cow ghee; snake and thread signs; single chakra (to be understood as madusudana is only 6 or 1 chakra type) is known as Madhusudhan Shaligram

Description :
Madhusudanah one who destroyed the great demon Madhu. The story of Vishnu destroying these two demons, Madhu and Kaitabha, is a story of secret suggestions in Mahabharata. Madhu also means in Veda (Madhu=honey) as the fruits of actions (Karma-phala). Actions leave impressions and these sensuous Vaasanaas are destroyed by meditations on the Reality and so the Supreme gathers to itself
the name Madhusoodanah: “The Destroyer of Vaasanaas.”


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