Matsya Shaligram

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Adwaitya Matsya Shaligram

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Product Name :  Matsya Shaligram

Dimension : 3 inches * 2 inches

Weight : 138 gm

Description :

This first incarnation of Vishnu is Matsya or the Fish incarnation. Worshipping this auspicious Shaligram brings immense wealth and worldly comforts. This bestows the worshipper with austerity and philanthropy. The environment of the beholder’s house and workplace becomes pious and all negativity is removed. Matsya Shaligram is a very powerful Shila and it removes the Vastu Dosha also and brings prosperity and peace in the devotees place. By worshipping this Shila an issueless woman is blessed with a virtuous son. This Shila is extremely powerful, radiates very high energy, auspicious and have perfect impressions of Matsya as far as the main body is concerned.

The Shila has KalpVriksha markings at the head side of the Shila and Sudershan markings at the tail of the Shila. The shape of the Shila is like that of a fish. The shape of the Shila is like that of a fish. The Shila is very smooth, medium sized, cold to touch, and extremely attractive.

Benefits of worshipping Mastya Shaligram:
– wealth and worldly comforts
– To removes Vastu Dosha
– For virtuous Child / son
– To bring prosperity and peace


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