Taarksya Shaligram / Garuda Murti Shaligram

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Garuda Murti Shaligram

Long Shape like a pillar , two garuda sign , 1 opening – 2 equal chakras , dots , kalpavriksha marks

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Product Name : Taarksya Shaligram / Garuda Murti Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension: 2 inches 

Weight : 90 gm

According To Various Spiritual books we get following description about Taarksya Shaligrama :

Shaligram long in shape resemble as a Pillar.

Lakshan Shaloka : 

dvipakShAbhyAm samOpetamyid gAruDavimocanam| durlabham samacakram tu kalou kalmaShanAshanam||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having two garuda signs; two equal chakras; 1 opening – 2 chakras is known as Garuda Murti Shaligram

Description :
Tārkṣya is the name of a mythical being in the Rigveda, described as a horse with the epithet “with intact wheel-rims” , but alternatively taken to be a bird and later identified with Garuda (Mahabharata,Harivamsha) or Garuda’s father (Bhagavata Purana) counted among the offspring of Kashyapa.


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