VishvaRupa Shaligram

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Rare VishvaRupa Shaligram

This shaligram having 10 opening – 20 chakras , and 5 single chakras , with other marks . 

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Product Name : VishvaRupa Shaligram

Dimesnion : 2.10 inches * 2 inches

Weight : 85 gm

Lakshan Shaloka :

vishvarUpo hari: sAkShAtpArAvatagalopama:| bahucakrAnkito anekamUrtirUpa samanvita:

Meaning :

Shaligram having many chakras above 20; many shapes; is known as VishvaRupa Shaligram .

Description :

Vishvarupa (“universal form”, “Omni-form”), also known popularly as Vishvarupa Darshan, Vishwaroopa and Virata rupa, is an form of lord Vishnu or his avatar Krishna. Though there are multiple Vishvarupa theophanies, the most celebrated is in the Bhagavad Gita, “The Song of God”, given by Krishna in Mahabharata, which was told to Pandava Prince Arjuna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra in the war in the Mahabharata between the Pandavas and Kauravas. Vishvarupa is considered the supreme form of Vishnu, where the whole universe is described as contained in him and originating from him.

Vishvarupa has innumerable forms, eyes, faces, mouths and arms. All creatures of the universe are part of him. He is the infinite universe, without a beginning or an end. He contains peaceful as well as wrathful forms.

Benefit’s :

Its worship will bring about worldly prosperity as well as final beatitude.


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