Aniruddha Shaligram

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Aniruddha Shaligram

Single opening with 2 Clear chakras , With lotus marks near the opening , mark of bow and arrow , vanamala marks , mark of kundala , mark of shankha , mark of white color lines . 



Product Name : Aniruddha Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Weight : 201 gm

Dimension : 3.50 inches * 2.50 inches

Lakshan Shaloka : 

japAkusumasankAsham vanamAlAvibhUShitam| dhanur bANa ambujadharam aniruddham viceShTitam| etallakShaNasamyuktam sUkShmacakram tu sanmukham| souvarNa roupya rekhADyam aniruddham vidurbudhA:||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having hibiscus shape; vanamala; bow and arrow and lotus marks; minute chakras; yellow or white lines is known as Aniruddha Shaligram . 

Lakshan Shaloka : 

rekhAtrayayutam dvAre pruShTe padmena lAnchitam| kruShNameva samam dvAram cakramAsyasamIpagam||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having 3 lines; front or bottom lotus marks; black color; two minute chakras at the opening of equal vadana is known as Trirekha Aniruddha Shaligram . 

Description :

Aniruddhah – One who cannot be obstructed or resisted by anyone. In the presence of the Self, the world of matter must get thrilled into their own independent activities, and in all these welter of efforts and exertions, achievements and failures, joys and sorrows, the Self is not involved by the Irresistible Enchantment of His presence, the Gopis seek their own fulfilment in their own dances. Aniruddha’s eternal consort, Usha, sequestered him in the palace of her father, Bana, where Aniruddha was captured and had to be rescued by Krishna, Balarama, and the Yadava army.


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