Damodar Shaligram

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Kapila  Damodara Shaligram

Big And Round Body , Black color Smooth body, two clear chakras at the centre inside the small opening.



Product Name : Damodar Shaligram / Kapila Damodara Salagram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Weight : 398 gm

Dimension : 3 inches * 3 inches

Lakshan Shaloka :

sthUlO dAmodarO gyeya: sUkShmarandhrO bhavettu sa:| cakradvayasamAyukta: pUjA tvasya sukhapradA||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having big body small opening; two chakras ; is known as  “Kapila Damodara Shaligram”

Description :
Damodar also spelled “Damodara” & “Damodarah” is the 367th name of Vishnu from the Vishnu sahasranama. The various meanings of the name are given as follows:

  • The Lord when He was tied with a cord (daama) around His waist (udara), denoting a divine pastime in which Krishna’s mother devi Yashoda bound Krishna for being mischievous.
  • One who is known through a mind which is purified (Udara) by means of self-control(dama).
  • One in whose bosom rests the entire universe.



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