Hayagriva Shaligram

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Hygreive Shaligram

Horse Shape Shape , shape like a “C” , elephant gaod opening , black color with honey drop color , two clear chakras protruding outside ,  , mark of rosary , book , Lotus mark .



Product Name : Hayagriva Shaligram

Dimension : 1.50 inches  * 1.50  inches

Weight : 25 gm

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Lakshan shaloka : 

hayagrIvO ankushAkArO rekhAkArasamanvita:| kruShNavarNassa vikhyAto mahAsArasvataprada:||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having elephant goad shape; lines; black color; is known as “Hayagrive Shaligram”

Lakshan Shaloka : 

madhubindusamO varNa: pruShTe nIlasamIpaga:| ashvAkruti mukhAkAra: sa: akShamAla: spustaka:|padmAkrutirbhavenmudrA hayagrIva: prakIrtita:||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having honey drop color; (tawny); bit of blue at bottom; horse face shape body; rosary,book and lotus signs is known as “Hayagriva Shaligram” . 


Hayagriva is a avatar of Vishnu.He is also called as “Hayasirsa”,also spelt Hayagreeva; He is depicted as a human being with a horse’s head, and represents knowledge and wisdom. Sri Hayagriva is the SOLE possessor of all Knowledge, Technology and Science. Even Saraswathi, the goddess of learning and 64 arts obtained all her knowledge from Lord Hayagriva. Hayagriva is referred to as the “Horse necked one”,”Defender of faith”, the “Terrible executioner”, the”Excellent Horse”, and the “Aerial horse”.
He is known for rescuing the Vedas from beneath the ocean, where they were hidden by demons.This Shaligram is very lucky for the beholder. All the stuck works starts happening at a very fast pace like a horse. The worshipper of this Shaligrama becomes very energetic and is blessed with all the wordly comforts and immense fortune. Worshipping this Shaligram the devotee gets with immense knowledge , wisdom, confidence, luck and he can take on very bravely any challenging situation through out his life. The environment at the house or at the workplace becomes very peaceful. It also tremendously improves the relationship among the family members, relatives and colleages.

Vadirajatirtha would recite the following shaloka –
Na HayagrivAth Param Asthi MangaLam
Na HayagrivAth Param Asthi Paavanam
Na HayagrivAth Param Asthi Dhaivatham
Na Hayagrivam Pranipathya Seedhathi!

Meaning :

There is no auspiciousness greater than Hayagrivan. Nothing is more sacred than Sri Hayagrivan to destroy our accumulated sins. No other God is superior to Hayagrivan. No one grieves after performing saranagati at the sacred feet of Hayagrivan.

hayagriiva hayagriva hayagriiveti vaadinam |
naraM munchanti paapaani daridramiva yoshitaH ||1||
hayagriiva hayagriva hayagriiveti yo vadet.
tasya niHsarate vaaNii jahnu kanyaapravaahavat ||2||
hayagriiva hayagriva hayagriiveti yo dhvaniH |
vishobhate cha vaikunTakavaaTodghaaTanakshamaH ||3||
shlokatrayamidaM puNyaM hayagriivapadaankitaM |
vaadiraajayatiproktaM paThataaM saMpadaaM padam.||4||


One’s sins get destroyed, who keeps chanting hayagriiva, hayagriiva, hayagriiva
One’s speech flows fluently like the pure river Ganges, who keeps chanting hayagriiva, hayagriiva, hayagriiva
The sound which is embelished by the hayagriiva, hayagriiva, hayagriiva sound, opens the door of Vaikuntha, the Lord Vishnu’s abode.


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