Lord Hanuman Idol In Pure Silver

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Product Name : Lord Hanuman Idol In Pure Silver

Weight : 37 gms

Dimension : 1.80 inches (Height)

Design : Lord Hanuman Made in Pure Solid Silver is artistically crafted by skilled artisans of South India. Hanuman is standing with his hands clasp together in greeting the anjali mudra or Namaste hand position with a large club between his palms and his long tail positioned over the siraschakra surrounding his head.

Description : Hanuman is shown standing with a club in his arms and with his hands pressed together in respect in adoration of Rama. Hanuman is renown for his faithful and steadfast service to Rama as told in the Ramayana epic in which Hanuman played an active part. Worshipping Lord Hanuman provides protection from negative influences and malefic effects of planet mars and saturn . Place the idol in your puja altar for blessings of power and protection.




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