Sita Rama Shaligram

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Trichakra SitaRama Shaligram 

Egg Shape , Single opening having two clear chakra at the entrance of the opening , vanamala mark , kundala mark , single chakra on the bottom side , mark of bow , arrow and quiver .




Product Name : Sita Rama Shaligram / Trichakra Sita Rama Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension : 2.5 inches * 2.5 inches

Weight : 261 gm

Lakshan shaloka : 

kodaNDI kukkuDANDAbho bANatUnIrasamyuta:| gocare puccha cakre ca sItArAma: sa uccate

Meaning : 

Shaligram having egg shaped; bow, arrow and quiver;bottom chakra ; 1 opening – 2 chakras ,is known as Trichakra Sita Rama shaligram .

Lakshan Shaloka :

kukkuTANDasamopetam adhovaktram sa kuNDalam| dvAradeshe samAsacakra kalpavrukSheNa cinhitam|| vAma pArshve shirashcakram rekhAlAnchanacinhitam| sItArAma: s vijeyo bhuktimukti phalapradam||

Meaning :
Shaligram having egg shaped; downward face; kundala sign; entrance two chakras; kalpavruksha; left side shiras chakra;1 opening – 3 chakra  is known as “Trichakra SitaRama Shaligram”

Sita Ram is that form of the Shila where Lord Ram is presence with Sita Mata. Ram and Sita represent an ideal pair with immense love, affection, feeling of sacrifice for each other and respect for each other existence. The worshipper of Shila can develop a very good and healthy relationship with in family members and relatives. The Shila is very protective in nature and bestows the devotee with all the worldly comforts. The Shila removes all negativity from the environment of the devotee and bring positive energies to him. The worshipper earns respect, dignity and fame in the society and always remains in the peaceful environment. The Shila is extremely smooth, perfectly shaped, lustrous, cold to touch, has flawless impressions.



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