Trivikrama Shaligram

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Trikona Trivikrama Shaligram

Triangular shape , single opening having 2 clear chakras , single chakra on the lower side , mark of bow , lotus mark , and vanamala .



Product Name : Trivikrama Shaligram

Origin : Gandaki River Nepal

Dimension: 1.75 inches * 1.75 inches

Weight : 45 gm

Lakshan Shaloka : 

kapilAbhashcaikavaktrashcakratritayabhUShita:| trivikramastviShTada: syAtpUjakasya na samshaya:||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having tawny colored; single opening, three chakras is known as “TrivikRama Shaligram”

Lakshan shaloka : 

trivikramastrikoNAsya shcakratrayavibhUShita:| prayatnena dvijendrANAm sadA pUjyastu netarai:||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having triangular; three chakras face; 1 opening – 2 chakras , single chakra is known as Trikona Trivikrama Shaligram 

Lakshan shaloka : 

adhashcakram vishAlAbham Urdhvacakram sudIrghakam| bhramarAnjana sankAshamIShaddIrgham trivikramam| cakradvayam bile vindyAt pArshve kodaNDasamyute||

Meaning : 

Shaligram having elogated body;upward looking long chakras;chakra at the bottom;right side bow; black color is known as Trivikrama Shaligram . 

Description :

Trivikrama is a form of Vamana Avtar of Lord Vishnu , depicted having three legs, one on the earth, a second raised in the heavens and a third on Bali’s head.

The Bhagavata Purana describes that Vishnu descended as the Vamana avatar to restore the authority of Indra over the heavens, as it had been taken by Mahabali, a benevolent Asura King. Bali was the grandson of Prahlada, the son of Hiranyakshipu.
Mahabali was generous person, he did enormous austerity and won the praise of the world. The king fell in the praise of the courtiers and other people and later on came to believe that there is no great person in the world other than him. He believed he can help any one any donate what ever they asked, even though benevolent he became pompous of his activities and forgot that the almighty is above him. The dharma says one has to do his duty and helping others is in fact his duty as a king. The king was a devoted worshiper of the Lord. The story is an ample example for this, the almighty, the Parabharma is neutral and unbiased he only tries to balance the nature. The showers his divine light to all irrespective of what they do.
Vamana, in the guise of a short Brahmin carrying a wooden umbrella, went to the king to request three paces of land. Mahabali consented, against the warning of his guru, Sukracharya. Vamana then revealed his identity and enlarged to gigantic proportions to stride over the three worlds. He stepped from heaven to earth with the first step, from earth to the netherworld with the second. King Mahabali, unable to fulfill his promise, offered his head for the third. Vamana then placed his foot and gave the king immortality for his humility.
In worshiping Mahabali and his ancestor Prahl?da, he conceded sovereignty of Patala, the netherworld. Some texts also report that Vamana did not step into the netherworld, and instead gave its rule to Bali. In giant form, Vamana is known as Trivikrama.




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