Rudraksh in Various Disease

Rudraksh in Various Disease

Rudraksh can be worn in Various diease.

Rudraksh Dieases Cover
One Facet Good for BP and Heart Diseases.
Two Facet Good for mental peace and pregnancies.
Three  Facet Good for eliminating depression and psychological disorders.
Four Facet Good for Arthritis Patient and BP disorders.
Five Facet Heart diseases, BP and Mental disorders.
Six Facet Good for skin and neck diseases.
Seven Facet Good for sexual disorder.
Eight Facet Good for eyesight and skin diseases.
Nine Facet Reduces physical illness and common tiredness.
Ten Facet Maintain sound mental fitness.
Eleven Facet Good for Lever diseases and intoxicant disorders.
Twelve Facet Good for skin and heart diseases.
Thirteen Facet Good for BP patient.
Fourteen Facet Useful in right dicesion making.
Gauri Shanker Rudraksh Good for smoothering of planetry forces around oneself and prevention from accidents and sudden deaths.
Ganesh Rudraksh Good for business and prosperity.
One face Sawar Bead Good for ruin business.

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