Rudraksh Scientific Power

Rudraksh Scientific Power

Rudraksh has Scientific Power. It has Physical and Chemical properties. Rudraksha bead/Utrasum bead botanically known as Elaiocarpus Ganitrus Roxb have been used since times immemorial by mankind for mental and physical well being, anti stress agents, body fluids regulators, meditation, controlling adverse planetary configurations and for divine spiritual practices.

There are 38 types of Rudraksha and these beads are available in 21 facets. Facets’ are prominent vertical natural lines found across the Rudraksha, and each kind has a specific purpose. Facets/faces in Hindi are Known as Mukhi.

The Rudraksha Beads directly act on the Central nervous system by emitting bio electrochemical impulses hence calming the mind and inducing the brain to release positive and mood uplifting chemicals to bring about calming changes. The Rudraksha bead resembles the shape of the human brain with the sulci and gyri. The beads have shown remarkable results to control stress and anxiety and regulation of heart beat.

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